Benefits of Becoming an exclusive retail Partner

Alpha Delivery is dedicated to being the highest quality delivery service for our retail business partners. We treat your customers exactly how we treat our customers! Our trained staff show up in uniform on time and treat everyone with  respect. They carefully handle every aspect of the delivery, from  wrapping the items to placing them in your customer’s home.

The following are just some of the significant benefits of becoming an Alpha Delivery retail partner:  


Real-time Tracking

Customers can simply put in their information and get real-time information about their order on the tracking page.  Giving an online order tracker that can give live ETA  makes your company look current with technology, which can be a  competitive advantage.      


Customer Confirmation Pre Call

Alpha Delivery calls to confirm  delivery time windows the day before delivery to avoid Not at Home  situations, and even more importantly your customers have premium  experience with their delivery appointment.        


ETA Call Ahead

Given that live traffic conditions can affect ETA’s considerably, the customer is never too sure that the appointment is going to happen at the time that was promised. In order to alleviate these  anxieties and to help the customer better plan their day, we will call ahead when leaving the previous stop.



As a partner, we can add your business online and you can get real-time and historical information about all of your orders. When your customers contact you, even if your organization is not handling the logistics of the delivery, you can provide them with live  ETA, and any other detail about the delivery. 


Optional Billing

We can either bill you or the customer. It’s all up to you!